13 places I have been raped as a child


1. On the couch, while my Mom sat in front of me watching a war movie on tv. I was told to make sure I didn’t make a sound. We lived in Englewood. Connie was a little baby.

2. In my mothers bed, while she was in the hospital having just given birth to my brother Scott. We lived in LaFollette, TN.

3. In my brothers bed, while my Mom was at work, with  a school friend who was spending the night. We lived in Northridge. (the friend became pregnant as a result of the rape and her family  moved away).

4. In the living room, on the floor, when we lived above a beauty parlor on N. Dixie Dr., Northridge.

5. While on a walk to the waterfalls in Englewood. We took the babysitter Carol. He raped us both.

6. In the kitchen while fixing a meal, we took a break so he could rape me and then I could go back to fixing dinner. Northridge.

7. Upstairs bedroom while Mom was at work and the babysitter (Carol) was supposed to babysitting for us, he raped both of us but made me watch him first. Beavercreek. (She became pregnant too).

8. In the bathroom, while Connie was a baby, Northridge.

9. On the floor, in the kitchen with some  family members who prefer to remain unknown. When we lived on Woodland Hills.

10. In my bed, when we lived in a trailer. We had watched the Beatles 1st appearance on Ed Sullivan  earlier that evening. My brother Jackie had been bitten by a horse.

11. In the living room, while we lived on Maryland Avenue. I was in High School.

12. Also, we wanted me to bring my girlfriend from school over so he could have her, but I refused. He raped me instead. Maryland Avenue.

13. There was a time, I can’t even remember where we lived, I just remember the penetration. But it hurt the most physically.

There were more places where less dramatic events happened. But I listed these because at times my memory fails me. These are not all the places where I was raped, there are others but these made the most impact on me.  I tried to identify the time period they happened. Also, I tried to remember the rooms. It’s important where and when and the circumstance surrounding  what happened.

There were only two places I felt safe, one was my Grandparents house on Shadeland Ave in Northridge. And the other was school.  Well actually three. The other place was when I was old enough that I  left Ohio.


7 thoughts on “13 places I have been raped as a child

  1. Lynn Obermoeller

    Kim, I’m amazed at your strength in all of this. I’m just wordless as to what to say here. Number one blows my mind right out of my skull – they all do, but for some reason that one seems to really bother me the most. They all bother me. Bother doesn’t even describe what I’m feeling or trying to say. Anyone who whines about losing a nail I think it could cause me to rip the rest of them off :-). Sending love… lots of love… lots and lots of love.


  2. Michele Morrison

    Kim, I’m with Lynn on this…stunned, horrified, mad and sad that this all happened to you. Can’t begin to fathom your grief in sorting out who’s who and what’s what in that twisted scenario, growing up. Unbounded admiration and love to you, dear Kim. I so appreciate your disclosing this…such courage and resolve to heal and be free.


    • Oh man, I wish I didn’t have to let you know this about me. mostly it is because I think you will think less of me and that would hurt.. but I am glad you are willing to read about it.. I know you run across this very thing happening to your students, and if it helps you to recognize even one child, who doesn’t know how to tell and get help, then it was worth the exposure for me..

      thank you for reading my blog~michele



      • Laura

        Yes, I can see why that triggered a few things for you today…

        I’m a little stunned into silence… I so admire you and adore you!

        we’ll talk soon…..


      • yeah buddy, I was freaking out. my anxiety was sky high.. it’s dropping a little bit at a time. but yikes.. what I will do to feel better.. . and this is part of what came out of your first suggestion..



      • Michele Morrison

        Kim, I struggle everyday with my own brand of fear that I’m “thought less of” for many reasons, so I understand you saying this. I’m so sorry that this terrible abuse happened to you…and whatever you need to say or do to reconcile (if it’s possible…?) your head and heart…is my honor to support and witness. Yes, some kids at school can’t/won’t articulate their questionable hardships but we’re mandated to report suspicious cases. I think it’s wonderful that you’re processing and sharing….it’s definitely a two-fold “servicing” for healing all around…for you and others. Love you…you’re great. I mean it.


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