Journal prompts for sexual abuse survivors


It’s not easy when we try to write about our experiences of being sexually abused as a child. Getting it down and out on paper is the important thing. What happened to us was a private hell, getting it on paper gets the poison out of our bodies and psyches.

1.  Can I write about a feeling that gets in the way of my happiness?

2.  What are some lies I was told about myself?

3.  Was I told I participated willingly?

4.  How did I seek attention when I was a child?

5.  How did I handle conflict?

6.  What do I need today?

7.  What do I feel today?

8.  How can I speak up?

9. What I am struggling with today is…?


5 thoughts on “Journal prompts for sexual abuse survivors

  1. Laura

    On days when you feel strong, I think it’s important for you to write, but if you know it’s going to trigger things, then set it aside and be nice to yourself.

    Of course, this from the girl that hasn’t written lately at all….


  2. Barbara

    Struggling right now to write preface for my sexual abuse memoir; how do get past the feelings when your attempting to share.


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