Wanting to write about Childhood Sexual Abuse again.


Its been a while since I have experienced enough emotional stability to want to think about the effects of CSA. Not that is hasn’t been on my mind. There has been so much grief from losing my husband to cancer, not much has been left over. Grieving destabilizes anyones emotional life, doubly so when your scarred from abuse too. Recently my son sent a link to me about the “Culture of Rape”. The very first paragraph named a real problem we have in identifying who could be a rapist. What most people believe is how easy it is to identify a sexual perpetrator. A person who sexually violates a child can be found lurking around the school, just waiting for little Kimmy to come out on to the play ground. But that’s not true. In my case it was who I went home to after school causing the damage. In fact, I felt safer at school than anywhere else. School was the safest place. Not my home. That was what came out of the reading the first line of the article. http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/what-is-rape-culture. Time for another line.


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