Instead of writing 


I’m eating this cake I made last week. Normally there wouldn’t be any cake left by now but… It didn’t turn out right because I used the wrong flour. Instead of using White Lily Self Rising flour, (responsible for tender baked goods because of the low protein soft wheat they use to make their flour) I used Bread flour ( a high protein hard winter wheat with no self rising to be found).  The difference is light fluffy airy chocolate goodness vs brownie thick dense fudgy goodness. See picture below for fudgy, thick dense cake I am eating a bite at a time.  

 Childhood Sexual Abuse is like putting the wrong flour into a cake. It’s very texture is so different even though it looks like it could be just fine. But it’s the insides where the differences really show.  I’m learning to love my insides even though they are not what a cake could be. But it’s my cake. Thick, dense, brownie like and intensely flavored. 


6 thoughts on “Instead of writing 

  1. Hey girls, that’s what I like to see is a smile.
    Just sit and think about this…..We are in the now. That was in the past and our future is forward and ours to choose. Make it the best future you can and give yourself the credit you deserve ladies. You did it. You made it. Its over!! Don’t wallow around in the past mud puddle, stand up, wash yourself off, throw your shoulders back and walk forward with your head held high. DO NOT EVER LET ANYONE control you or make you do something you don’t want to do or feels right ever again!!! YOU HAVE THE POWER. You are not anybody’s sex slave any longer. Your a strong woman whos been through the war and now you are celebrating the victory!! I know you can do it. I did and thank God for that!! I just turned 66 and I feel clean and good about myself. Finally!!! Autumn is coming, decorate, smell the cinnamon and bake something rich. Feel the warmth of the season and love yourself. Dye your hair a different color, get a new lipstick, wear heels and dance in the kitchen while your sipping on a glass of wine….Be you, or create yourself, and look in the mirror and say Hey, You are one fantastic Babe!! I love you. You are worth it!! There is no more pain, its all gone. Now girls, go and chase it away and have fun. TTYL, Tess

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